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About Us

Beach grass is used as erosion control all across Lake Michigan shores. The roots run deep under the sand and connect from plant to plant holding the dunes in places.

The water level on the lake has been up to record heights, causing many of us to lose our scenic dunes and beaches. Well, we are here for you! Offering you a unique dune grass planting service, we have years of experience planting dune grass and have decided to take the knowledge we have to restore your dune, protect your new (expensive) seawalls and stairs, and make your life just a little bit easier. Our team is up for the job, with the skills and experience our clients have come to expect. Get in touch to learn more about our service and how we can reinforce your dune.

Different Spacing options

The Spacings we offer

6"x6" Spacing

For high erosion areas, steep slopes, and potential 70 mph winds

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8"x8" Spacing

For sloped areas with moderate to high erosion

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12"x12" Spacing

For flat or sloped areas with light erosion

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Our planting season runs from April - May in the spring and September-October in the fall
So lets get planting while we still can

You can explain your Dune (or area) and what areas you would like planted. You may also indicate the spacing you desire as well as your time frame (Spring or Fall).

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